The MED System is efficiently used as lost formwork to build swimming pools of any shape, or foundation footings and walls. It enables a very quick, easy and efficient way of building.

The MED system consists of a polystyrene moulded piece with a special lock allowing for a very easy process to build the perimeter wall without using fasteners. The lost formwork produced is then filled with poured concrete, and a wall with inner and outer insulation is formed.



Advantages of the MED system:

  • Quick and easy building (also DIY)
  • Excellent insulation qualities
  • Self-extinguishing qualities
  • Building work possible all year long because concrete is poured into the insulation moulded pieces from both sides
  • Long lifetime
  • No thermic bridges, rising damp, moulds; both environmental and hygienic compatibility is ensured
  • Material is easily  handled  during building – lightweight material
  • Low energy costs and related environmental protection

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