Maxplus and Maxplus Aku are new modern building technologies using the Medmax system. The main advantages are maximum thermic protection of buildings, environmental friendliness, affordability and energy savings. Intended mainly for passive and low energy houses.


System of wall forming lost formwork of EPS blocks with a special lock system. By assembling these pieces and dismountable plastic partitions it is possible to build, as a building set, lost formwork with double sided insulation. By pouring concrete inside it produces a wall with both inner and outer insulation.

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Maxplus Aku

System of wall forming lost formwork of EPS and fibre cement panels to allow for accumulation into the concrete core of the wall. By assembling Neopor pieces and fibre cement panels by removable plastic partitions, lost formwork is produced. A subsequent pouring of concrete mixture builds a monolithic reinforced concrete core.

Unlike the Maxplus system, the Maxplus Aku system has available one-side insulation and hence the inner side can carry the usual building finishes such as plaster, lining or plasterboard.


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