The company Josef Dvořák-IZOPOL was founded in 1992 by Josef Dvořák, and it was based in Dolní Poustevna. Right from the start, the production programme was centered round producing the basic assortment of EPS insulation materials such as blocks, insulation panels or boards. During the 90’s, there has been a large increase in the production volume and at the same time, an extension of our production presented by packaging materials in form of molding parts. This period is also marked by all sorts of expansions and by the modernization of our production technology.

The great, and still increasing, demand for high-quality products with the logo of IZOPOL resulted in 2003 in the construction of the IZOPOL DVORAK, ltd. factory in Pilsen, focusing its the production on molding parts made of EPS and EPP.

The further dynamic development of the company resulted in another construction of an IZOPOL DVORAK, ltd. factory in Podbořany in 2007. The plant is equipped with modern technologies and production lines for insulation materials based on EPS for the construction industry, and a wide range of EPS/EPP molds for the needs of the packaging technology and technical EPS/EPP parts.

In May 2012 the owner was changed and also the name of the company to Vlasta Dvořáková-IZOPOL. The actual name of the company IZOPOL DVOŘÁK, s.r.o. was established 1st January 2013 with the main seat in Pilsen.